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Our goal is to provide zero friction, borderless finance to the world. 

The core of our business is providing frictionless deep liquidity and secure custody for clients looking to move seamlessly between fiat and digital assets. Yet, cognizant of our responsibility ‘to leave the world a better place than when we found it, we take action through Zerocap Impact – our decentralised financial inclusion arm, to help drive the social, political and financial change that can realise a world where everyone, if they choose, can be their own bank. 

Through Zerocap Impact we are energised and powered by our values – Prolific Impact, Ingenuity, Agency, Legacy and Exceptional Outcomes – to embody and proactively walk the ‘walk’ beyond the ‘talk’ in matters close to our collective hearts. We are building 360 degree financial alternatives for global amplification and inclusion through leveraging our infrastructure, networks and knowledge to catalyse financial capability in emerging economies in addition to allocating our own capital to impact-driven initiatives.


In our thesis on digital currencies and bitcoin:


Although the physical world has borders and many countries all with their own systems of banking and finance, the digital world is borderless. With decentralised digital currencies all participants in the digital world are able to trade, bank and conduct commerce without needing to trust a third party or intermediary” 


Thus we are powered by the open and decentralised finance potential of digital currencies, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. More than a catch cry of banking the unbanked, we are committed to contributing time, energy and financial resources to building financial capability in emerging economies. 

More than just donating money to an aid agency or charity, we are more interested in contributing at a grass-roots level and creating the infrastructures for these economies to self-determine the financial reality they choose to express.


Emerging Economies 

The are a multitude of people and emerging economies that require attention, and sometimes it can sound too big and freeze the well-doer to inaction. So we are focusing our energies on Africa due to a personal connection that one of our Directors has with the continent, having been born in South Africa.  



It strikes us as madness that over 1.9b people in the world do not have access to financial services. Only 35% of Africa’s population has access to a bank account. The only difference between a young father carrying tree trunks down the mountains in Malawi for $2 a day to feed his family – unable to get any level of finance or banking, is purely the luck of the country he was born in. We view the unbanked in Africa as one of the greatest fintech/impact opportunities in our lifetime. One that can bring real change to legacy financial systems and create stores of wealth for people in volatile economies. We don’t believe that the global financial system is necessarily broken, as it attends to billions of people globally, we do however believe that there is a gross inefficiency within it to satisfy the demands of global financial inclusion.

Start small and finish BIG. We work with a little country in Southeastern Africa called Malawi. Our focus has been on educating their youth. Our next steps are to bring financial tools to access decentralised stores of wealth, accessable from an old Nokia.


Beyond Africa

Beyond Africa, we are looking to contribute to catalyse change and transformation in South and Central America.