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We believe in open and decentralised finance, and in an individual’s right to choose their own economic and financial expression without censorship. We believe in self-determination and sovereignty, and financial freedom that is built on the foundations of global and social inclusion. In this thesis, we will articulate our thoughts on the use case and investment case for digital assets (for ease of use, we will group cryptocurrencies, crypto assets, and Bitcoin).


We live in an increasingly digital world, hence the need for digital assets. More than that, digital assets that are:



State and Censorship resistant;





Digital assets with these attributes allow the individual to be able to express their personal, economical and political will without being censored, coerced, or shut down. Digital currencies with these attributes matter because:

They are scarce, and in a free market that determines the price, are valued accordingly.

They are a digital hedge against inflation, as precious minerals like gold and silver are.

They allow you to transact peer to peer without needing permission.

They do not require an intermediary to transact. 

They represent an exit ramp from state and bank-controlled currencies, that are primarily digital in themselves.

Although the physical world has borders and many countries all with their own systems of banking and finance, the digital world is borderless. With digital assets all participants in the digital world are able to trade, bank and conduct commerce without needing to trust a third party or intermediary.

Digital assets and non-sovereign forms of currency like Bitcoin are a threat to nation states primarily due to their private nature, and that they operate outside of government control and taxation. 


Be Your Own Bank

Digital cryptocurrencies and global, trustless with no intermediaries – you are your own bank. Obama said in 2016 whilst discussing cryptocurrencies “It would be as if everybody has a Swiss bank account in their pocket” but it is more so like having a Swiss bank in your pocket, to which you are the owner, the CEO and the bank teller all in one. Though not everyone wants to be their own bank, due to the accountability of security one has to accept. 


Money, Bitcoin & Trust

Gold is created by supernovas and when 2 neutron stars collide and gold particles are released into space, which find their way to earth – In gold we trust. Fiat currency is created in a centralised system by a privately owned Central Bank that governs monetary policy and is allowed to print fiat at will, without oversight – In God we trust or in State we trust. Bitcoin is created in a decentralised peer to peer system that cannot be controlled, that is governed by cryptography and is built on the foundations of programmable trust – in code we trust or in digital we trust. 

This digital age will see a borderless, in real-time system that is globally connected and operating for a fraction of the cost of existing financial systems, whilst remaining faster and more secure. It will provide compelling digital alternatives to how we have participated in traditional analogue finance, without losing sight of the end goals – financial freedom and independence.